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The stats don't lie.


UPDATE:  See the interview with David Attridge on the Recovery High School here.

The epidemic of Addiction is out of control in this country, but it’s exploding in our kids.  According to the US Government and Columbia University, one out of every five teenagers in the US meets the medical criteria for addiction. This means one out of every five teens today is an addict.  If a teen is lucky enough to be sent to rehab (only 1 out of 70 teens is sent to rehab) and then is sent to a regular high school upon exiting the rehab program, 90% of those students relapse, but 80% of those relapse in the first 30 days.

There is hope, however,  if a teen is sent to a recovery-based high school.  Not only will teens get the help they need, but studies have shown students in a recovery focused high school show a 90% attendance rate, while at the same time 70% of seniors have graduated from these schools  clean and sober.

We at the Robert Giannotti Recovery Academy believe that Rochester, New York deserves to have a school entirely dedicated to teens that are in need of a recovery-centric environment free of all drugs and alcohol.
— Dave Attridge, Executive Director, Recovery Now NY