Welcome to RecoveryNowNY.com 

We are so glad to have you here.This website is a "Work In Progress ". Im not saying the website doesnt look good because actually it looks awesome!! The reason I say "Work in Progress"  is this is a place you can come and see all the projects that Upstate Recovery Council is working on right now. In a month you may see a new project we might be working on or new updates to current project.

Upstate RecoveryCouncil (URC)  is a non-profit organization. URC is made up of all volunteers who work tirelessly non stop to make these projects work. URC is made up of many different people in many different stages of our lives. Some of us are recovering addicts and alcoholics, some of us are parents and loved ones of recovering addicts and alcoholics,  some of us are addiction  professionals, some of us are just ordinary citizens of a place we call home and want better lives for all. If you have an interest in becoming part of the team, drop us am email at Theupstaterecoverycouncil@gmail.com. 

As you can see for each project we are involved with has its own page here on recoverynowny.com . Sometimes we will have updates or last minute details for some of our projects. Here is where you would these updates. So just to start off I have some updates

The Rochester Recovery Film Festival 

As you can see there have been major changes with the film festival. We changed it from a three day weekend festival to a one day festival three times a year. The main reason we made this change is the topic of addiction needs to addressed  year round not just during Recovery Month ( which is September, by the way). We also made a location change back to The Little Theater in Rochester,NY (Which is where the first Rochester Recovery Film Festival was held).The reason we made the location change was The Little Theater is accessible to everyone in Monroe County. The Little Theater is located at 240 East Ave right in the heart of Rochester's East End..Besides showing these 2 great documentaries/films on Sunday March 13, 2016, we will also be announcing our 2016 Rochester Recovery Addiction Professional Awardee who will receive their award on September 11,2016. The Second Announcement will announce our 2016 Robert Giannotti Recovery Awareness Award also to be presented at the September 11,2016 film festival date. These award winners will be announced by some very special people that once we have some confirmations we are waiting on, we will announce that right here very soon.

The Robert Giannotti Recovery Academy 

This has been a project that has been in the works for some time now and we are so happy we are that much closer to making this a reallity.We have given a letter of intent to the New York Department of Education to open this charter school. The date we are aiming at is September of 2017. We have narrowed down a few different buildings we will be deciding on. We will have brochures and Informational packets available at the March 13, 2016 Rochester Recovery Film Festival.

Check out the Blog tomorrow as I'll  give you some updates on T.H.R.I.V.E . Also if anyone would like to attend an online T.H.R.I.V.E. meeting we welcome anyone new or old to recovery from Alcohol or Substance Abuse and  those who have loved ones in active addiction or in recovery from alcohol /substance abuse. Sign up for our for our facebook group at facebook.com/groups/Thriverecovery  or send us an email at Thriveselfhelp@gmail.com. 

See ya tomorrow! !!!