#Top 10 List of Why People Abuse Drugs

#10     Experimenting

Not uncommon for people wanting to experiment with drugs but very quickly this can take a person that has the disease of addiction quickly into the stage of abuse and addiction.

#9.    Alcohol  isnt Enough

More than not Addiction will start with Alcohol but when the effect of Alcohol isnt enough it can turn to harder drugs.

#8    Certain Drugs are Legal

        Not getting into the legalization of Marijuana. Alcohol  and Tobacco  are Legal and are also the most abused drugs

#7.  Emptiness 

        Many people looking to fill this void turn to drugs and alcohol 

#6   A Huge Myth  "My Doctor gave me perscription so they are safe"

        Perscription Drugs are just as Dangerous and are as Addictive as street drugs such as Cocaine and Heroin.

#5    Alcohol and Drugs are Easy to Get.

          Perscription Drugs, Street Drugs are more available than ever before. Doctors, The Internet and of course when their  is a will,there's a way.

#4     Self Medication

            To Much Stress at work, Need to unwind at the end of the day?   Many of us turn to Alcohol and Drugs in order to                  "Deal". We must be careful though these patterns can quickly turn to addiction.

#3.        Peer Pressure 

               Peer Pressure just doesnt happen to Kids and Teens, Peer Pressure  happens to Adults too. Lets face it if we hang around people who abuse drugs then chances are pretty soon you will find yourself doing things you never would.

#2.       Where Do I Fit In?

               Many Teens and Young Adults are searching where they fit in the best. While figuring that out many teens and young adults begin to use Alcohol and Drugs to fit in. While in the begining  they may feel accepted and are having fun, this can quickly spin your life out of control.

# 1   Masking our Emotions

       Feelings and Emotions can suck and when we dont know how to deal with them, we can turn to Alcohol and Drugs to feel good often realizing finding out to late. Unfortunately we feel later like we CANNOT live without alcohol  and /or drugs.


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