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Community discusses proposed "recovery" high school

Gates, N.Y. – Non-profit Recovery Now NY is working to open a new type of high school in Rochester – a recovery high school.

It would be the first sober high school in the state, and it would serve students recovering from addiction.
The group held an informational meeting in Gates Tuesday about its efforts and why such a facility is needed.

“What we found is that kids go back to the same school district that they lived in – real easy access to drugs, a lot of them relapse,” said Rob Kent of the State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. “And so we’re trying to create an environment where they can go back to a place where they can still get their education, but they’re also getting treatment if they need, or they’re getting the support for a safe place to learn, educate themselves and not relapse.”

David Attridge, the executive director of Recovery Now NY, says exposing young people in recovery to others dealing with similar issues is a way to strengthen them.

“Being able to have someone there are going through the same thing…and then being able to latch onto one, two, three, four, five people, it just makes your recovery stronger and stronger,” said Attridge.
If approved by the state, Recovery Now would work with BOCES as an educational partner.