Local initiative assists women in recovery

By Breon Martin  |  June 7, 2018 @11:11 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – After battling addiction herself, Ashley Gnau now works to help others.

“I have been battling heroin addiction for 13 years. My son is 6 and my twins are two, and I had to leave my son a lot,” said Gnau.

Gnau is now the Outreach Director of Recovery Now NY—a pillar for women. She says she wants to help provide resources to mothers who feel isolated and afraid of losing their children.

“We get a lot of phone calls on our 24-hour hotline that there’s a mother that is an addict but she’s afraid to get help because she doesn’t want CPS involved. Especially being an addict and having children, my biggest fear was my children being taken from me.”   

On Thursday, Gates to Recovery, a drop in center for drug addiction, unveiled its new Women's Summer Series, which aims to provide assistance to women in need.

Gnau says that there will be parenting, STD and relationship classes.

Additionally, throughout Rochester there are also spaces where those in recovery can go to enjoy live concerts and events—free of alcohol and drug use, such as Area 12.

In attendance for Party at the Park, Carol Struble utilized the area. She lost her son due to an overdose.

“It’s very important for families to know that they can come to a location where there’s no alcohol and no drugs,” said Struble.

The Women’s Summer Series, sponsored by RESTORE in collaboration with Recovery Now NY, is open to anyone in recovery. It occurs the first Thursday of each month.