Man indicted for attempting to hide drugs after girlfriend's OD in Gates

Prosecutors said Baker died of a heroin overdose in the Motel 6 in Gates. After her death, Pernesky is accused of wrapping her body in sheets, hiding drugs that were still in the room and leaving her body in the room. Housekeeping workers found her body. His attorney takes issue with police reports he was trying to flee.

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Police were looking for him for 78 days.

Pernesky is a three-time felon who escaped once from a prison and once from a psychiatric facility - both in Colorado. He last served time for his role in a major auto theft ring in Denver. Eight people were arrested in a 103-count indictment and charged with stealing $578,000 - money that largely went to methamphetamine for those involved.

Pernesky is currently being held without bail in the Monroe County Jail.